Blog Post for Week 5: Television

While reading Edgerton for Thursday, I was intrigued in the amount of popular television shows that tried to incorporate historical events into the show’s plot.  Furthermore, I thought it was interesting seeing the show’s take on historical events like Dark Skies integrating alien life into major historical events of the 2oth century.  While that particular show did not catch on, I definitely think there is a market in television for historical documentaries, popular history, or even fabricated history in popular culture.  The major problems facing these kinds of shows is the relationship between actual historians and producers.  Edgerton believes that very few films and shows do what “real” historians do.  While I agree with him to the point that most television shows and films dramatize historical to some extent, I still find most of them very engaging and informative.  I don’t think that these shows can be cited as primary or secondary sources just yet, I do believe they have significant value in the lives of most people.

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