Going along with our discussion this week about television, I feel that I have learned as much about history from watching television as I have from learning about history in school. I usually prefer to watch television to learn about history instead of reading a book due to the fact that history makes more sense to me if I can visualize what has happened. Watching television is an easy and creative way for me to do that. I think that television can also be viewed as a time machine because it allows you to feel like you are reliving the past. Watching the History channel is not the only way I learn about history on TV. I enjoy watching movies where fictional characters are present at “real” historical events. In the movie Forrest Gump, for example, Forrest was present at historical events such as the desegregation of the University of Alabama and the Watergate scandal. Although the events in the movie might not have been historically accurate, the movie allows its audience to see what main events in history were going on through the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s through the eyes of an ordinary person.

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  1. Andrew Frisk says:

    As we know, Steve Jobs passed away earlier this week and I am very curious as to the impact this will have on not only apple but the rest of the technological companies. He was the co-founder of apple, one of the biggest companies in the world and his sudden death leaves me wondering, what will happen to apple? Ironically, the same day he passed away, apple came launched the iphone 4s, which many considered to be somewhat of a dud and un-exciting. Many, including me, were expecting apple to launch the all-new iphone 5 but instead they made some very minor changes to the iphone 4 leaving consumers confused and wanting more. Apple’s shares did not decrease in the stock market as much as I thought they would considering their former CEO and co-founder just died and many were un-excited about the iphone 4s. I am very curious to see how apple does in the coming year and if they continue to offer products that keep consumers coming back.