Week 7 Post

For the group project, my group has decided to create a radio advertisement for the printing press as if it were 1950.  The idea behind this ad is very interesting and exciting to try, however there are some difficulties.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on the techniques radio advertisers used during the 1950s to promote various commercial goods and items.  So instead of trying to find secondary sources explaining how advertisers set up and presented their advertisements during the 1950s, my group had to research primary sources.  When listening to actual ads of the 1950s, I found two major differences between ads of the 1950s and the 21st century right away.  First off, advertisements of the 1950s were very formal and non conversational at all.  The advertiser did not try to relate to the audience at all, but would instead let “experts” in the products’ field pitch the item being sold.  Second off, the advertiser always seemed to be happy and upbeat, describing common themes of the 1950s like little Timmy playing in the yard and getting thirsty so mom needs to have Lipton tea ready to go.  While the 1950s advertisements produced some excellent jingles and music to remember specific products, the personable touch seems somewhat lacking compared to today’s advertisements.

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