Week 12 Blog Post

Looking back on the documentary for this class I think the idea for doing something different and incorporating some technology that was at our disposal was a good idea.  I enjoyed researching and filming a documentary on the Postal Service, but I think that I would have enjoyed any topic at all.  I especially think this topic was engaging and interesting because it is a very important issue right now in the U.S.  There were difficulties filming this documentary like finding people to interview because this topic is so heated right now.  Therefore, I knew from the beginning that we would have to film and narrate ourselves throughout the documentary so the story could move along with interview dispersed within the story.  However, I think the final draft worked very well and brought up a very good point.  The most difficult part of the documentary was the editing just because no one in my group had edited a film or worked with any film making software before.  I think it would have been helpful if the tech people that helped us at the beginning of the year came back to answer questions and help us with the project during class at least one day.  That being said, I think this project is definitely worth while especially in a class about the information age.

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  1. bakhtinjali says:

    I actually appreciated the parts of the project that really made me pull my hair out. At times the project felt like trial by fire, which is honestly good practice for writing your 485 thesis. The other thing to realize (and perhaps good for future projects) is that DTLT is almost always available to help guide you through big projects like this. So even if the big guns of video and audio editing (Andy Rush and Tim Owens) don’t come in, you can just go to their office in Dupont.