Documentary Assignment – Card Catalog

For this documentary project, I was really curious to see how it would go. I’ve worked on similar projects, but never in a group, school setting, so I was curious how that would play out. For this video, I filmed some of the video, and worked on editing with Joe in Premiere, and made the graphics in AfterEffects. I’d never worked with someone to edit a piece before, and I’d never used Premiere, so it was a learning experience on multiple levels (sharing is caring, or something like that). I’m actually very happy with the way the final product turned out, although there are several things I’d probably change if I could. But, given the amount of time we had to complete the assignment, and considering that no one in the group had ever used Premiere before, I felt that it worked really well. Not really one for taking the time to read manuals, I just opened premiere and started messing around, to see if I could get it to do what I wanted it to. Joe actually took the time to watch tutorials on how it worked. Between the two of us, we functioned like someone who could more or less use premiere effectively. I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to learn this new program, which I otherwise would never had thought to experiment with.

I also was very pleased with the message our documentary conveyed. While I think few people would describe the transition from card to digital catalog as riveting (there aren’t very explosions) I do think we did a good job of making the topic accessible and hopefully at least somewhat interesting. All in all, I am very pleased with this project.

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  1. bakhtinjali says:

    I am not so certain about that Joe fellow. He seemed a little on the lazy side! Anyway, let me publicly thank you for your amazing work and talent. You truly acted as the glue that cemented our project together. I am stoked to see what our up and coming project will look like. Frankly, I am glad to be your protege on another film project. I have transformed to an video editing nerd.