Documentary Summary

I really enjoyed making the documentary for our class. I thought it gave everyone a chance to present information about the information age in a creative way. I don’t think very many students at UMW have the opportunity to create a documentary in their classes. Like some people have already mentioned, the only difficult part was that not everyone was familiar with how to edit the documentaries.

For my group’s documentary, we mostly focused on interviews. I think that the interviews provided us with a lot of useful information especially since we chose faculty members from a variety of departments on campus. Each faculty member was able to provide us with information that was specifically related to their area of specialty. We also looked at other online sources in order to get background information and to figure out which questions we wanted to ask the interviewees. I found a lot of articles that related technology and higher education on The Chronicles of Higher Education. Overall, I learned a lot from creating this documentary. I already knew that technology had a major impact on education in general but hearing what the faculty members had to say allowed me to see how technology has affected different aspects of higher education.

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