Reflection on Documentary Creation

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary project. It was a nice break from writing papers. Also, I feel that I learned some valuable skills working with iMovie and other digital media software. I can foresee using the skills gained in other projects, other classes, and in other vocational applications. I also found the topic of our documentary to be very interesting. Being a student within higher education, I do not remember a time before the CommonApp or before having a laptop in every single class, but there was a time when these were not in existence or thought to even be possible. This documentary forced me to reevaluate the past, present, and future of higher education. Throughout the interviews, one question continued to come to mind, “What will higher education be like in 30 years?” Will there even be brick and mortar institutions or will everything be available online? I hope there will be, because I have thoroughly enjoyed my four years at the University of Mary Washington. I cannot imagine not actually attending classes, interacting with other students, or knowing my professor personally. It is a more comfortable learning environment to feel accepted and welcome inside of a supportive, academic community. How will students even be motivated to stay taking courses if they just log on every now and then and listen in on a Youtube video for class? They won’t be. In some cases, completely online courses work better for students, adult learners, or casual class takers, but the current model of higher education should satisfy a large majority of students for the coming 30 years. What do you think?

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