Week 12 – Project Summary

I thought that this project seemed pretty daunting when we first began it a few weeks ago, but in the end I was satisfied by what we were able to do. Initially, it took some time to nail down a topic that leant itself well to a documentary, given that we would have to do something that went beyond just textual sources. Then came the problem of finding people who were willing to give interviews. It was really through luck that we were able to interview Mr. Brewer, and that interview ended up being vital to the overall credibility of the documantary. Lastly, the technical side of this project was somewhat difficult to grasp, as our intitial attempt at using iMovie was not successful. Also, the audio needed to be adjusted so that it was consistent throughout the documentary. All that being said, there was never a time when the project was actually in danger of failing. Film making may have been a new concept for all of us, but there always seemed to be easy solutions or potential alternatives to pursue. I think that our film did a good job of combining both textual sources and interviews to give a clear depiction of the trouble that the postal service faces.

One Response to “Week 12 – Project Summary”

  1. bakhtinjali says:

    Do you think that a session or two on good video making would have helped? I appreciated that we took on the project with pretty much no assistance (i.e. we work blindly and are more proud of the finished project). A next step for another semester may be to have Andy Rush come in and talk about what makes for good video and audio work. Although we may be able to see what is good/bad about a video, actually knowing and applying that understanding is incredibly different.