Documentary DONE!

Well this week was a bit hectic to say the least. We had to finish out documentary and we were having tons of problems. First the clips we did film would not work on the iMacs in the Digital Media lab so we had to upload them to a PC and then when we worked with that computer it kept freezing. So we tried to save them on another computer and the files were corrupt. There were a few other problems but we were able to bypass them once we got the clips uploaded. As far as the work load, my main portions were researching for the Introduction to tutorials and the section about YouTube. I also wrote up what to say during those sections and did the voice over for the entire video as well as half of the citations. I used GarageBand on a Mac to make my audio clips. I really liked this project though, I just wish that there were legitimate people that we could have interviewed to make it seem more like a documentary. Overall I am pleased with what our group ended up with.

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