Project Blog Post

I personally was one of the few people in the class who voted not to do a documentary, just because I was personally nervous about having to deal with video editing.  However, our group hung in and completed the task.  We each spent a good deal of time researching our topic, which was the downfall of the postal system.  We each found plenty of sources and a lot of information that we did not know about.  What made our project great to me is that when we filmed, we told a story.  It was not just interviews.  And the interviews that we did were fascinating and impactful, especially since we had a postal worker talk about the problems that USPS is facing right now.  I would also have to say that the hardest part of this project was setting everything within a specefic time frame.  5 to 10 minutes is not the amount of time that we thought it would be.  The video editing process was very difficult, since the first movie editor program our group chose did not work nearly as well as we thought it would.  Even on the final day, it was not fun posting our project onto youtube.

I think that the part of this project that is not easy to deal with is doing the interviews.  The problem was getting all group members together and finding time when the interviewees were free.  Although our group did not have a problem with this, I know that some groups did, and it is very understandable.  This kind of project may not be my favorite, but it was interesting and fun to try.

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