documentary project

So, I have made my first documentary.  I thought this was a fun, new and interesting project to do.  Being history majors, we never do things like this and it was god to look at history from a different perspective and seeing how certain things have changed over time due to technological developments.  The project was more time-consuming than I had originally anticipated and I think that was mainly due to the editing.  That took the most time and was difficult for some who were not very technologically savvy.  I think if there was a way to have a similar project with not as much technological knowledge need, it could have been more effective.  It was different gathering information for this project because we were forced to look at it differently and almost put our on spin on it while we were filming the movie.  This project was fun, new and different and could be even more effective for future students if the reliance on technology could be dwindled.

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