Final Project

Last week we discussed the digitization of documents, online readings, JSTOR, etc.  But, more importantly I started my final project!  My last hurrah in this class will be an infographic about the top YouTube video, which is Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” I toyed with the idea of making a sort of comparative study about the top 5 videos, but instead decided that I would do that but would focus more on the Biebs.  Something that we have talked about a little bit in #infoage (yeah I used the hashtag, what are you gonna do about it?) is trolling, and nothing brings that out more than homophobic boys who want to reassert their masculinity having a presence on Bieber’s YouTube videos.  For example, I found out that the video has over 6 million comments.  That’s right.   6 million people commented on a video knowing that it was very unlikely that anyone would read their thoughts.  This is in comparison to the next highest number of comments on a video in the top 5, which is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” coming in at over 1 million comments.  Web 2.0, as we have discussed in class, stems from an idea that the web users know best what they want on the web, but isn’t it interesting that I have a chance to comment in a public forum about what a “fag” Justin Bieber is and that he “looks like a lesbian,” and it gets thrown in with million comments of people who also think that they have something really important to say?  I’m pretty pumped to share my findings with you all in a few days when I’m done.

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  1. Reverend says:


    You should try running those 6 million comments and scan for ho many time the terms fag, gay, homo, etc come up. That would be like the only way to get at scanning this stuff, a kind of data mining that folks are doing for literature and history which might be just as useful here for getting at so much text you could never even begin to approach outside of generalizations otherwise.