Final Project-Working on the Timeline

For my final project on the Information Age I took on the task of adding more images to our timeline. I also kept track of all sources and put them in a basic citation for Abbey and Christine to check and standardize. I was a little surprised at how much time this really took. I sat for hours going through each post looking for any image that would be cohesive with the original post. I also took the opportunity to add a video into the “Youtube Founded” post that I had found early in the semester for our documentary project. I thought it would be helpful to see the evolution of Youtube over its first five years. I used a variety of sources to find these images as well. I believe that I added as many images as I could, as some posts had dates that were too early (BCE dates), and for some posts I just could’t find images that could support the information stated. Overall though, I added a total 89 images to the 240 total posts.

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