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Week from…..well you know..

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

As I write this I sit here writing this I am stuck without a car, because my shifter broke down and thus my car ate my key and refused to give it back.  So with that said, a proper amount of reflection was able to be given on this week.  I would like to commend Joe and his group for their awesome presentations and leading this week.  It was an interesting week, discussion wise.  It balanced fun and information to the right amount.  Some of the readings were a bit difficult but well worked through.  I liked the readings on the coffee house, just as an explanation of where and who started them and what not.  As we journey forward into the next week I will have met with my group and posted more on the timeline.  So hectic rest of the week to come.

But YAY! My car may be fixed by tomorrow afternoon!!!! Heres to hoping!!!

Whale Wars and Technology

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Whale Wars and Technology (By Christine B.)

This week I think the big thing I realized is that one, Apple cannot not factually claim another revolutionary project, and two, that anyone who buys that is….well never mind (haha).  In all seriousness, I realized that technology is evolutionary more than it is revolutionary.  However I think the concept while correct, we should be asking another form of a question.  Is technology truly not revolutionary or is the uses of technology revolutionary.  For example the way we now see Oceanic Conservation is a revolution of the way we use technology.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Technology allows us to make these conservationist into modern day pirates or eco terrorists.   Paul Watson, who is the co-founder of Green Peace until they kicked him out for being too radical for their philosophy (for those who don’t know) now is an admiral sailing the Southern Oceans to stop the Japanese whaling industry, which is hard considering the Japanese government funds this whaling operation.  However with the help of Animal Planet you find yourself pulled into these missions, cheering for complete strangers, all the while not realizing that without the technology we have you and I probably would have never known about such oceanic conservation efforts.

I believe that we must truly reorganize our question(s) about technology and gaze beyond the initial concept of the word “revolution” and it’s meaning to uses and concepts.

All Sources were provided by YouTube. Video postings and all rights to those videos belong to Animal Planet and fellow affliations.

An introduction of myself

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Hi my name is Christine Barnes, I am a history major. Also I am a senior. I thought this class seemed the most interesting so I took it. I am interested in Pre and Ancient time periods. The Greeks and the Spartans are a not so quiet fascination of mine.