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1)  David Almond kept the main family history for William Jon Winsor Jr as well as his grandfather, Luther Harris

2) This source has been written over a period of time.  It began when David Almond began composing the Winsor family history in 1820 and William Jon Winsor Jr. started to gather facts in 1920 and has continued gathering facts ever since.

3) The Winsors had family friends named the Almonds and David Almond started gathering facts and creating the family history.

4) The author was born on April 16, 1920 in Princeton, New Jersey.  In his early years, he lived a very rudimentary existence.  As a young boy, he moved to Connecticut, but shortly after moved back to New Jersey where he finished sixth grade.  He went to Vietnam, but never saw any action and overall traveled many places around the United Sates and the world during his lifetime.

5) The source was composed over many years when certain events happened in the authors life.  It is a running commentary of places he live, where he went to school and certain jobs he had over the years.

6) It provides lots of biographical information specifically about the author.  If we were to write an autobiography about William Jon Winsor Jr. this is a great source because it gives us a great history of his life.

7) -The source does not give any backrground to where it came from such as the internet or a book.   It only gives the author and says that it has been compiled over a period of time.

-We dont know if the author is a reliable source

-The source also has no date, of website so we have no idea where it came from

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