What makes a timeline event

In addition to Version 2.0 of the syllabus, today’s class discussed what are the parts of all timeline events.  Here are modified notes from Nicole for what we decided:

  • What must be included in an event/point on timeline:
    •       Name/title
    •       If an invention, a brief definition or description, and significance.
      • At a minimum, 1-2 sentence description of what the item is. If there’s a picture you can easily include, then do so.
      • Contextualize: “this is an early version of (x other invention)”
    •       Citation
      • Need more reliable websites
      • Need actual citations. [Images also need to be cited.]
      • Put your source citations on the bottom, and italicize them.
  • What should be able to be included in an event/point on timeline:
    • Image or video, if relevant.
    • Down the road: link to other relevant website
  • [Someone’s potential final project: go through and link up to related events.]


By Tuesday, groups should start fleshing out information/events.

We also decided that we would ask our friends in DTLT if there a way to prevent the display of the hour/minute on the timeline entries, given that we don’t know that information for almost any event.



One Response to “What makes a timeline event”

  1. Reverend says:

    You all don’t know the hour/minute of these events? I am disappointed 🙂