Getting the… family?

As this week has progressed, our ad has come together more and more. The only part remaining is to finish ‘shopping everything together. One of the things I did over fall break for this project was to try and find pertinent images from the time period of men and women, as would be seen in these ads. At first, I tried looking at flickr and Library of Congress, but I was having a difficult time finding high-quality images of the period that weren’t just going to be ripped out a similar weight-gain product or were usable under copyright. But after several days of rather fruitless searching, I had a sudden idea. My father and I have been collecting images of the family for ages (genealogy kick)- sorting them, putting them in boxes, and occasionally digitizing them. And I realized that not only were a number of the photographs from the appropriate time period, but they were images without copyright restrictions. So over fall break, I sorted through boxes of photos for images that I felt could be used for the ad and scanned them in. Once we were all back on campus, I met up with my group to go through the images I had selected and pick our favorites to use.

Unfortunately, not all of the images worked perfectly, so some creative ‘shopping was required. Hopefully, though, you won’t be able to tell!

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