Advertising Group Project

It was interesting this week not only being a presenter but also doing the advertisement project.  I know I  was terrified to be presenting or leading the discussion this week.  However I thought this was an interesting topic of Hackers and Hacking culture.  I was really fortunate to have such great group members as I did.  However with the advertisement project I was surprised to find that while it was hard it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was.  Anthony deserves a big round of applause for his work.  Me and him spent many nights up trading back and forth ideas for the poster.  Ken also did amazing work with the pictures and the slogan.  And Claire was awesome in the research.  I did research and helped out on the research and slogan.  It was interesting looking through the pages of Life Magazine.  There were a lot of odd slogans and advertisements.  There were more half naked women in those ads than I thought.  However looking through the ads helped me and Anthony to design the one that we came up with.  It was something we all in the group noticed in the ads being more of a either  a slogan or a paragraph of text.  We figured that we should go with a paragraph of text at the bottom for sure.

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