Our Tupperware Add and the Future . . .

So for my print add group’s topic, we chose to research and create a Tupperware add meant to recruit women to be Tupperware dealers.  While there weren’t any adds that we found of the same nature, we felt that it fit well with the theme we were after and that it wouldn’t be a stretch to create an add of this nature from scratch.  The purpose behind this idea was that Tupperware parties acted as a sort of social gathering for post war suburban women who were delighted to find social networks after being displaced from the job force.

In our group, I was the photo editor.  I also initially proposed the idea, which was slow to be received.  It was a long shot, but the more we talked about Tupperware as a spread of information, the more sense it made.  Claire was quick to head to the library and start initial research, while Ken rushed to a friend’s house to snap some real life shots of some “vintage” tupperware.  Christine and myself began searching for photos to use to put together for that perfect vintage 1950′s add look.

I think the hardest part of the project was not only finding the time to meet up during fall break, but finding a design for the add that everyone agreed on.  After landing on a design, we then worked on the slogan.  I initially just ran with something as improv to get an idea of fonts and sizes, but we ended up sticking with the main parts, only making small adjustments to add the benefits of selling tupperware in the middle.

To conclude, I am truly looking forward to this next project and the ability to embark on a project that I have NO experience with what so ever, film.  I have never touched a film editing program, so it should be exciting to see what we can come up with.

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