Week 9


For the advertisement project, I was responsible for coming up with the print for the body of one of the advertisements. I enjoyed looking at the various 1940’s Wurlitzer advertisements and trying to figure out what style they used back then when writing their advertisements. I noticed that in order to grab the audience’s attention, they started out by asking rhetorical questions. When coming up with the written portion of my advertisement, I tried to use a similar style. I tried to base the questions off of the fact that the purpose of the advertisement was to get people to go to places that had Wurlitzer music. The purpose of the advertisement was not to sell the actual Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Our group added a twist to the project as well. We aimed our advertisements towards modern hipsters since the 1940’s advertisements were aimed towards hipsters at that time. After doing some research on the 1940’s hipsters and modern hipsters, I tried to come up with catchy phrases that appealed to modern hipsters. It was definitely harder than I thought it was going to be to use a style similar to the 1940’s advertisements but write the advertisement for a modern audience.

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