Blog Post Week 9

Of all the articles discussed this past Tuesday and Thursday, I found the new hacker ethics the most interesting because of the difference between what hackers believed in during the 90s and how hackers are perceived today.  The hacker culture of the 90s seemed to have more ethical values in contrast to hackers today and normally what people think of hackers.  The first so-called “rule” Steve Mizrach discusses in this article is that hackers of the 90s do not try to harm.  It seems that they intend to uproot the precedent of hiding information from the general public’s access.  Other beliefs the hackers held were the idea of sharing information and keeping private information private.  In comparison to hackers today or what people believe hackers are like today these morals do not hold true.  It seems that present day hackers intend to harm sometimes as much as they can.  The concept that private information should not be hacked is also at stake today because the “line” where hackers are allowed to hack and not to infiltrate is left up to the hacker.  I think that this is where one can can the transformation from the typical 90s hacker to the typical hacker of today because what is left up to the hacker in the ethics of the 90s.  The hackers can push the boundary of what is ethical or not because the line is up to them.

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