Update of the Week

Last week, as Michelle and I said, we finished subclipping all of the James Farmer Lectures! Woot! This has been a major process, since Farmer has a tendency to ramble on and wind multiple stories into one tale. It can make subclipping quite challenging. What we ended up doing is subclipping sections of stories, and noting in the title any stories that were ongoing within the clip. I think it will help us peace together stories more effectively. Our goal for next week is to string together our subclips into shorter stories, and upload those to our vimeo account. Then, it is just a matter of piecing those together into a larger trailer. We still need to go back and pull out the shots of the class to cover up transitions in the trailer video, but there are usually only 2-5 shots of the class per video, so it shouldn’t take too much time. I have high hopes that we can finish that this week as well. My other group member are doing awesome things as well – they’ve uploaded all of the audio to the site, and keep updating and modifying the website for maximum efficiency. I think we’re doing awesome work. I am really proud of my group!

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