Sickness and a Shorter Trailer

Hello all!

This week has been kind of hectic for me. I missed the presentation at the creative symposium because I was extremely sick, and I spent much of the week trying to catch up with everything I had been unable to do while I was sick. One of the main things I did was create a shortened trailer for the history symposium next week. Since we are limited to only 6-8 minutes for our presentation, that meant our current trailer was too long to show. So I cut the trailer down to about 1:30 so we can show a little of what James Farmer sounded like. If we don’t end up using this, it isn’t the end of the world, but I wanted us to have the option of showing it if we wanted to. The trailer is below:

I have also been going through the website and making small changes to layout or spelling and grammar. I’ve made more changes to layout than to spelling or grammar (hopefully a reflection of our excellent writing skills!), but overall I think its made the site look a little better. I added and updated the map tab, and messed around with the photo dimensions on our group photo, as well as having our names link to our digital portfolios. I’ve been having issues with the site crashing a lot when I try to edit it, which has been very annoying. I think it might have something to do with multiple people trying to edit it at once…? Thankfully, all of my corrections have always gone through (if very slowly) so that is all that matters.

We are so close to being done! I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone.

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