Class for TH, 9/1

Split into groups of 4 at all 4 monitors.  At least one person with a laptop should be at each monitor.

1)      Define the Information Age   (20 minutes to work – then presentations – linked to course blog)

  1. Timespan, content
  2. Cite sources
  3. Present each group – be creative

2)      Class structure questions [20 minutes to discuss – then post to comments on website]

  1. Good distribution of various sections?  Or would you change the number of weeks given to particular eras in information technology?
  2. What topics are you particularly interested in studying?

i.     Pick  2-4 in each time period from syllabus

  1. What assignments that add to/enrich timeline do you want to do?

i.      List 2-4, along with general description, and potential grade value.

ii.      What would constitute a good project?  [Criteria for grading, etc.]

  1. Do you want formal or informal presentations?

3)      FOR TUESDAY — Begin Timeline

  • Each group will have a different era to start listing events, trends, people, inventions, developments. Create in Google Docs or as MS Word Document
    • Print (& predecessors) — Team Search with My iPad
    • Early Networked Communication — Team Facebook Official
    • Broadcasting — CCCJ
    • Information in the Digital Age — Team Woz
    • Looking Forward


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  1. socal says:

    What so we need to spend more/less time on?
    Part one: written language may need more time
    Part two: Rise of modernism journalism would need the most time out of these
    Part three: Groups well together and two weeks should be an adequate time frame.
    Part four: We need the most time for this part, and six weeks should be enough time. Certain topics could be grouped effectively into a weeks discussion
    Part 5: Two weeks should be enough time. I think the rise of Google could need more time as it is a information heavy topic.

  2. Nicole, Kyle, Abbey, Mike says:

    brainstorming for assignments:

    one project per part of the class.

    Part One project: Create your own “information age” method of disseminating information. It can be a cave painting or any other method, through the modern age, of disseminating data. Effort outweighs content. 15%

    Part Two project: Research the significance of this technology in the life of a specific individual. (IE: How did Franklin use the telegraph?) 5% Note: proposal for timeline project due during this part of the course.

    Part Three project: Create your own advertisement; a commercial, a print ad, etc. Must say: time period, who you’re targeting, etc. 10%

    Part Four project: make a documentary, 5-10 minutes. 10%

    Part Five project: Aristotelian discussion of the class. 10% based on participation.

  3. Group: CCCJ says:

    Videos, which can be broadly defined, should constitute a major portion of the digital timeline project. Perhaps even something like a digital museum of the information age (omeka). How are we going to convey what we learn and research about the infoage?

  4. socal says:

    What do we want to focus on?
    Part 1: newspapers, coffee houses and print culture
    Part 2: Postal service, magazines, other publications
    Part 3: different means of advertising, histories of TV, different levels of propaganda
    Part 4: Role of War, Hackers in the Hacking cultures
    Part 5: History in the digital age (how has research changed?) Facebook and Google

  5. Group: CCCJ says:

    From Part I we selected printing press, written language, and photography. Part II only has three so…all of it? Part III (which is awesome) we selected cultural histories of Film/Radio/TV, advertising, and propaganda. We had some trouble with Part IV as it is kind of bloated…Role of war/military in creation…, hackers and slashers, coding and programming with a splash of (cranberries) video games. Finally, Part V we demand to have Copy Right talks because Copyright is copywrong, Google, and teh (sic) infographics.

    Now as for the distribution of Parts! Part IV and Part V should have the lionshare of our class attention, however early sections need to be carefully summarized and collapsed.

  6. Nicole, Kyle, Abbey, Mike says:

    Part One:
    our favorites: photography, coffeehouse and print culture.
    Shorten to the first two weeks of class

    Part Two:
    our favorites: rise of modern journalism, postal service
    Keep it one week long.

    Part Three:
    advertising, rise of mass media, propaganda, cultural histories of Film/Radio/TV
    Keep it two weeks long.

    Part Four:
    Hacking, role of war/military, the wiki phenomenon, video games, rise of the mainframe, personal computers,
    Add a week to this section (the week taken from Part One)

    Part Five:
    History in the digital age, artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, infographics, “geek is the new chic” (the Social Network more popular than many other movies)
    Keep this the same length.

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