Syllabus Version 1.0

Fall 2011 — History of the Information Age — Syllabus–Version 1.0

Check out the newest version of the syllabus.*

New features:

  • Discussion Topics are set for each week.
  • Narrowed project choices down to those proposed by the groups
Still to be discussed, worked out, finalized starting Tuesday, Sept. 6:
  • Which projects we will actually do.  Review the projects in yellow at the bottom of the first page of the syllabus and come Tuesday, prepared to argue for your favorite projects.
    • Other project-related questions: How do each/all of these fit in with the timeline we are creating? Can some/all/none of these be slotted in to the timeline? Are these group or individual projects? Will the projects be presented for a grade, or just presented informally?
  • Discussion sign up — On Tuesday, you will sign up to co-lead two weeks of discussion, starting next week (Sept. 13).  Discussion will include working with me to narrow down assigned readings for your week using our class Zotero bibliography as a starting place to find sources, as well as actually planning and leading class discussions of those readings
* Numbers in parentheses next to topics in the syllabus reflect numbers of groups who advocated a particular topic.  Numbers in italics there reflect numbers of individuals who had advocated those topics in their individual posts before the semester started.  I tried to fit those requests fit the time we have as much as possible.

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